Fosforoglu was born in Ankara in 07/16/1970. After completing his primary and elementary education,
he was accepted to Conservatory of Hacettepe University at 1983. Following the studies on trumpet playing with Mehmet Erten for three years, he started playing percussion with the tutoring of Bora Adsay. And he went to Germany to study with Prof. Siegfried Fink at Würtzburg Hoffschule at 1991.

Fosforoglu’s professional career started with Ankara State Opera and Ballet as a Guest Musician at 1993.
Acting and music Performer with Ankara State Theatres at 1994. After completing the 10 years of compulsory percussion at 7 years from the Conservatory of Hacettepe University, he joined Bilkent Academic Symphony Orchestra in Bilkent University as a multi percussionist at 1995.

During that period he also started his Soloist Multi Percussionist Master Class Studies at 1995.
From 1995 to 1998 he tutored at The Music and Fine Arts Department of METU (Middle East Technical University.)
Fosforoglu has graduated from his solo percussionist master’s degree education at 1998. From 1995 to 2006 he is member of the Bilkent Academic Symphony Orchestra.

Fosforoglu studied Afro Cuban Latin Style with the top two percussionists of the world: Luis CONTE and Alex ACUNA at 2000 at Los Angeles, CA. During that time he went to shows with the world removed artists Otmaro LUIS, Sandro ALBERT, Jimmy BRADLEY, Michito SANCHES.

Fosforoglu studied World percussion (Drum set, North african & arabic style frame drumming, Japanese taiko drumming, Cuban rhythms, Brazilian rhythms,West african drumming and dance, Afro colombian drumming, Electronic drums and percussions, Music technology, Rhythm section performance with Steve Gadd, Chester Thompson, Don Famularo, Mario Monaco, Cyro Baptista, Glen Velez,, Ignacio Berroa, Mario De Ciutiis, Marc Dicciani, Memo Acevedo, Kenwood Dennard, Marco Lienhard, Aldo Mazza, Bobby Sanabria, Rajna Swaminathan,Steve Smith,Thomas Lang,Jojo Mayer, Horacio El Negro Hernandez, Gavin Harison,Aaron Spears,Chris Coleman,Michael Wimberly.

Fosforoglu graduated Orff Schulwerk Teacher Training and children pedagogy with David N. Connors, Lizz Keefe, James Harding, William Salomon,Vicki Salomon,
Robbie Trombetta at 2008 at California State University Los Angeles, CA.......

Fosforoglu and his students also enjoyed :
Percussion Festival at 2008 at Kosa Faculty in Castleton , VT.
Berklee international Percussion and Drumming Festival 2009 at Berklee Music College in Boston
Fosforoglu and his students also enjoyed Berklee international Percussion and Drumming Festival 2010 at Berklee Music College in Boston
international Drum Fantasy Camp 2011-2012-2013 studied drumset with Peter Erskine - Steve Smith - Chris Coleman - Gavin Harison - Aaron Spears and Dave Weckl at Hyatt Regency in Cleveland Ohio..• • Drum&Percussion Teacher with Thomas Lang in Drum Boot Camp Turkey 2014
Thomas Lang in Drum Boot Camp USA 2015
• Orchestra Education in Musician institues Los Angeles 2016
• Drum&Percussion Camp with Steve Gadd and Horacio El Negro Hernandez in Groznjan Croatia 2016


             Fosforoglu’s Works:

• Acting leading role with Erol Kardeseci and Soner Agin in movie name of “Yumurcak” 1979
• Acting leading role in serial tv movie name of “Onlarda Cocuktu” for TRT channel 1982
• Acting leading role with Musfik Kenter, Kadriye Kenter, Ergun Ucucu and Almula Merter in serial tv movie name of “Bir Yaz Macerasi” for TRT channel 1985
• Acting in commercial movie for ministry of culture 1988
• Acting and music performer in tv Serial kids programme For TRT channel 1993
• Performed and with Bilkent Youth Symphony Orchestra 1987-1992
• Performed and with Bilkent Academic Symphony Orchestra 1995-2006
• Recorded over 40 CD recordings with the Bilkent Academic Symphony Orchestra
• Performed with Tuna Ötenel Jazz Group 1999
• Founded GrooveBox Percussion Group in 2001
• Performed with Yarkin Percussion Group since 2001
• Teymuralp’s Afro Cuban Latin Percussion Workshops at SporMed Club, 2001
• Founded Teymuralp Merter Percussion School, sponsored by SporMed Club, 2002
• Percussion Workshop, a first in Turkey, sponsored by The British Counsil, 2002
• Directed and composed music of “Vagina Monologues”, a theatrical play, 2003
• Composed music of “Dövme”, a theatrical play, 2003
• Wrote “Percussion History and Latin Music Styles” book (Percussion history and Afro Cuban Latin Style Techniques), a first in Turkey, 2003
• Founded private Piramit Arts Academy, since 2004
• Founded private Metronom Arts Academy, since 2005
• Played with Fazil SAY, pianist and composer, as a Soloist Percussionist, at Lucerne, Switzerland, at the world premiere for Albert EINSTEIN’s Memorial 2005
• Solo Percussionist, DVD recording of Nazim Hikmet Oratoryo , composed and performed by Fazil SAY, at Aspendos, Antalya, 2005
• Performed over 700 concerts with numerous groups in Turkey, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Greece, Japan and USA, and still performing…
• Contestant in Fear Factor Reality show for Showtv tv channel 2006
• Contestant in Turkiye&Greece Survivor Reality show for Showtv tv channel 2006
• Acting leading role with Arda Kural, Eylul Deniz, Melike Ocalan, Suheyl Uygur, Berke Hurcan, in serial tv movie name of Kaptan for Showtv channel producer MED yapim 2007
• Founded RNG advising (Recast for Next Generation), since 2008
• Producer and performer of Introduction to Afro Cuban Latin Percussion Technique DVD 2008
• Founded private Gökkuşağı Arts Academy, since 2008
• Founded private Müzikal Sanat Arts Academy, since 2009
• Composed music of “Nesibe Aydın Okulları Marşı” 2009
• 2009 he tutored at The ROCK SCHOOL TURKEY
• Composed music of “Nesibe Aydin Okullari Marşi”, a school anthem , 2009
• Founded RITMIX (Percussion Show Team), since 2010
• Founded Odeon Art Academy Drum&Percussion section since 2010
• Founded Doğa College Ankara Percussion and Body Percussion section : since 2010
• Founded Pan Sanat Academy since 2011
•Drum&Percussion Teacher and Performer with Steve Smith, Jojo Mayer and Thomas Lang in Drum Fantasy Camp Turkey 2013
• Drum&Percussion Teacher with Thomas Lang in Drum Boot Camp Turkey 2014

Teymuralp Merter Fosforoglu